Ninety (90)  Days Warranty

We hereby grant you a warranty for any material and manufacturing defects which may occur. The Warranty period shall commence with delivery of the appliance/article to the consumer. The filled-in Product Registration Form and the proof of purchase, which indicates the date of delivery or purchase, are to be submitted in order to make a claim under warranty. To obtain service of warranty, mail your appliance to:

130 Calle Marguerita
Los Gatos, CA, 95032

Warranty: In so far as we are legally obliged to effect warranty, we shall – to the exclusion of the right to a rescission of the contract of sale or to a reduction of the purchase price at our option either rectify the defect free of charge or provide a replacement free of charge. If the rectification of the defect is unsuccessful in spite of several attempts or if the replacement article also has a defect for which we are responsible, then the customer shall be entitled to reduced the price or at his option to rescind the contract. The guarantee shall not be extended by the implementation of the guarantee.

The following are specifically excluded from the warranty: Cost of shipping to and from our service location. Defects which are caused by improper treatment or operation, failure to comply with the operation instructions and safety instructions, use of force, alterations and own repair attempts by third parties, defects which are due to normal wear and tear. Appliances sent in with dirt or food residues will be sent back at the sender’s expense and not repaired.

Product Registration Form
First Name :              ______________________________________________
Last Name :               ______________________________________________
Address :                   ______________________________________________
City :                          ______________        State   ______________________
Phone Number :        ______________________________________________
Date of Purchase :    ______________________________________________
Today's Date :           ______________________________________________
Where Did You Purchase This Product? :         __________________________
Product Model :         ______________________________________________
Product Serial Number :            ______________________________________
   Please mail this form to:
   P.O. Box 112488, Campbell, CA, 95011